You can save lots of energy by simply making nature your ally.  Work with nature, not against nature.  When you see a way, use a natural resource as your direct energy source, sunlight, breezes, warm or cool days.   Use daylight, not electric lights, not even LED’s.  Enjoy the sunlight that come through the window.  When the sun is really down, then turn on the lights.  Turn lights off when you leave the room.  On the water, sail or canoe, no motor boats.  Hang clothes on the line: sunshine and fresh air are free.  Sunshine is the best bleach.  Fresh clothes just in off the line, have a beautiful scent.  These are gifts from nature.  Enjoy them.  There is health here.

1.  First keep lights and appliances turned off until you really need them.  Do you really need to use this electricity now?  Think first, then turn lights on.

2.  Turn lights off when you leave the room.  Make it a habit.  Teach this habit to others.

3.  Use a hand powered egg beater, not an electric mixer….  a hand drill, a hand saw, a mixing spoon.  Your muscles are the most efficient source of energy and action.

4.  The best energy is energy you never use. Think about that when you reach for the switch.

5.  Conservation is the decision and action using less.  When you conserve, you use less or none at all.  It may come from turning things off, using nature, or choosing efficient equipment, LEDs, Energy Star appliances.  Both are good ways to get to less.

6.  Stay playful.  You will be wiser, and see more opportunities.  Enjoy building this new way.

7.  Make it a game.  Keep score, and make your Nega-watt the winning stuff.  Leave a comment below, teach us all.

8.  What is your favorite tip?  Share this new adaptation with your friends.