Leaving the Carbon Economy
One person’s not going to do it alone…


“Leaving the Carbon Economy” is the story of one eco-saavy homeowner’s frustration with her carbon footprint and how it led her to dig up her property, literally, to make a change.  This 15 minute film shows Sue Butler’s thinking and decision making process as she re-engineers her life and her house to get her carbon footprint as close to zero or below as possible.  She is getting close, and may even in the end, make extra electricity, and sell it to the grid, thereby going carbon negative.  Come see what the possibilities are.

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“A great story about how one household can go all the way. One house has moved off imported energy and onto new technologies gathering all its energy from sunshine that lands in the lot.  See the film; change your life too.”  —Emily Norton, Chapter Chair Massachusetts Sierra Club
“Sue is a visionary and a true ‘Mother Out Front’, caring enough to courageously lead us all toward a healthier future for our planet and ourselves.”
“Leaving the Carbon Economy is a great example of how citizens can save energy and make a difference – something which Cambridge Energy Alliance works to help residents do every day!”

Film Festivals and Screenings:

Harvard Extension Environmental Club: April 28, 2017 Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Artemis Film Festival: April 21-23, 2017 Beverly Hills, CA

Grove Film Festival: March 29, 2017,  5 PM The Brightside Tavern 141 Bright St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Boston Globe Film Festival: October 2, 2016 Change Makers Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA

Chain NYC Film Festival: August 9, 2016 Fourth St Theater East Village, NY, NY



grove film festival

artemis film festival

MIT dept of building sciences

“…your enlightening film will make a great addition to our lineup.”

Lisa Viola
Boston Globe Docs Film Festival

MIT dept of building sciences

“Your individual initiative could scale to the governments of countries large or small: dissatisfaction with carbon footprint can lead to big changes.

We do what we can, professionally or in personal lives. Your approach is measurably reducing carbon emissions, an inspiration to many.”

Professor Leslie Keith Norford
Dept of Building Technology, MIT Department of Architecture

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Let Nature Do the Work

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